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‘‘Hassle free approach to hotel Renovations’’

We offer a turn Key solution or just management , or furniture packages !!.

  • Project Management (read more >>) 
  • FF&E purchasing (read more >>) 
  • Turn Key fit-out Packages (read more >>)
  • Logistics Planning (read more >>)
  • Design Services  (read more >>)
  • Public area and Bedroom Fitouts (read more >>)
  • Assembly and Installation (read more >>)
  • Impartial advice from expert from a hoteliers perspective   (read more >>)

Project Managment

  • We take the hassle out of the process for you !
  • We Save you money ! Your rooms will be out of commission for as short a time period as possible and we buy right !
  • The Fit-out is planned to minimise disruption within a live hotel !
  • Simplify the process of deciding on a design .[visit our showrooms ]
  • We provide a turn-key fit-out package : or hire and manage local contractors on your behalf !
  • The hoteliers interest is protected in terms of insurance , quality control, warranties , regulations, etc.

FF&E Services

  • Tender Comparison
  • Place Orders
  • Track Manufacture process
  • Scheduling of Sub-Manufactured Components  [as they may come from a number of different companies , with knock on effects !]

Turn Key Fitout Packages

Anyone who has tried to co-ordinate designers, building companies, product and service deliveries, and the numerous other elements of a project will tell you that it’s a skilled, full-time job. To attempt to run a hotel simultaneously means that something has to give – usually money and guest reputation.


Bedroom Solutions overcome this by managing the entire process on your behalf and, instead of this costing you more money, we actually save cost by the prices we are able to negotiate and the speed which we deliver the finished product.

  • Bedroon Solutions have colaborated  with top hotel designers to provide a number of ”off the shelf ” designs at very compeditive prices . [ Contact the sales team for details , Hotel  room refits from £3950  ]


The average hospitality project involves from 300,000 to more than 1 million elements.

Logistics is the process that puts all the pieces together in the right order at the right time so you don’t lose money or time due to mis-coordination.

In the complex business of opening or refurbishing a hotel , problems, delays and errors can occur continuously and cascade to create real …and often massive…. time and budget disasters.

We offer an un-rivalled structure to minimise disruption and cost over-runs on each project . Along with the normal building Project Management System we run a parallel ‘on line’ system devised for Lean Management in Industry . The combination of both of these processes minimise any delays and it also offers the client the option to Log in and see the progress of the project.

Few Fit out Specialists Provide True Logistics Management

Monitoring your orders, however, requires extensive time and management systems. Most suppliers can’t or won’t incur that expense. The result is that they – and you – never know the exact status of your order until it’s too late to protect your self.

Bedroom Solutions believes that proactive logistics management is a critical missing link in most Turn key projects. The ultimate responsibility for timely deliveries, of course, falls upon the various manufacturers and shipping companies involved, but we monitor the progress of each step beginning the day of your order. We developed an on line monitoring system to assess the progress (updated often daily) of every order we place on you behalf and to forecast the need for notification or intervention if required.

Design Services

Bedroom Solutions works with around ten different individual designers and small design companies, each specialising in the hotel and hospitality market and each having their own range of unique styles.

Whether it be traditional, contemporary or a combination of the two, we have designers who are in tune with any client’s requirements.

We also have a number of “show rooms” which allow our clients to get a true feel for the room before committing to a particular style or commissioning a designer.

  • Concept Design [Either one from our elaborate showroom or we will work with a designer of your choice ]
  • Budget Development
  • Architectural Coordination
  • Engineering Coordination
  • Financing Coordination
  • Detail Design
  • Availability Determinations
  • Design Approvals
  • Preparation of Specifications and Tender Documents


  • Packaging
  • Docking
  • Shipping
  • Warranty Administration

Installation Services

  • Construction Coordination
  • Staging
  • Installation
  • Utility Hookups
  • Inspection and Touch-up