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Energy and other cost savings

No matter what your perspective on all matters green, the facts are that our energy costs are forecast to continue to soar as countries such as China and India quicken their pace of development and thus their energy demands.

All our projects are designed with energy cost savings in mind and typically savings of between 20% and 40% can be achieved from guest rooms alone.

Similarly, or designers’ work is strongly influenced by the advice of experienced Executive Housekeepers to maximise the number of rooms that a maid is able to clean in a day. Savings of just 4 maids can equate to tens of thousands of Pounds of additional profit.


As well as worldwide governmental pressure, it looks likely that the hotel guests of the future will also demand higher standards of hotels, with ecotourism credentials attracting many who are looking to help preserve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. This emerging new green culture therefore looks set to ensure that hoteliers and chains that take action now will reap the benefits financially in the future. Such methods may be marginally more costly but look set to reap rewards in terms of future costs and a low carbon policy that will add impact to any PR campaign.

Bedroom Solutions will typically save 20% to 40% on the running cost of a room following refurbishment   [ independent verification from Bruce Shaw ]

The Company possesses expert knowledge in hotel technology and the application of green technology, as it  applies  to hotel rooms.
From April of 2010 Hotels will be penalised by the Carbon Trust in the UK if they do not reduce their Carbon Footprint. [ 20% by 2014 ]

Bedroom Solutions will measure energy consumption prior to the start of a project and again at the end to show how much energy is being saved and how that will effect the Hotels bottom line !

The ‘Carbon Trust’ offer interest-free loans to companies to help them install eco-friendly technology to reduce emissions and costs. Bedroom Solutions  will  advise clients on applications for these loans etc.

We will continue to keep ahead of competitors by ensuring that we remain up-to-date within this fast-changing technology field .To this end we  have employed a full time researcher to seek out new technologies and test the suitability reliability and durability of new products in this field .

Energy Savings

Significant eco savings can be achieved by a hotel by strict management of  energy and other costs however unless you  keep on top of people , they return to their old wasteful ways!

Bedroom  Solutions have devised a package that will save you energy and money week on week without management and can easily be retro- fitted to existing buildings without  undue hassle.

In simple terms we install a unit in each room with a series of monitors , this unit talks to the Hotel PMS and Minimises the energy used in a bedroom or public area. The system will also monitor your main HVAC  systems and ensure it runs efficiently .[Big Savings here ]

Power usage in the hotel can be further broken down into separate divisions each of which have a manager responsible for them . [bedrooms , Kitchen, Function areas , Leisure Centre ,etc]. These managers must be made responsible for energy use in their area . Now you have accountability and will see results .[ power-usage v turnover in that area etc  ]

The room control system and monitors can be wired or wireless ! Technology has moved on so much that wireless monitors only need battery changes every 10 years.

How we save you energy in a room:

  • Smart room occupancy monitors linked to the card system ensures that if no one is there no power is left on .[lights ,sockets ,wi-fi , T.V…………one socket is normaly left live to charge laptops etc ]
  • Room Temperature is dropped back by 2 deg while the Guest is asleep .[ not noticeable to guest ]
  • Room Temperature knockback if not being occupied , Further knockback if closed for a period .
  • Curtains will close automatically to keep a room warm or cool as required .
  • Bathroom fan programmed not to run all night if bathroom lights are left on .
  • Lights ..all fittings are changed to ultra efficient LED [ with unusual fittings that mean they will not be stolen ]LED bulbs use less than half the energy of CFL’S and light up instantly . [ energy usage can be reduced from 10 watts per sq mtr to 2 .2 watts per sq mtr .
  • LCD or LED TV’s that have energy star rating ![ 50 % or more saving over Old Cathode ray Tv’s ]
  • Motion sensors in corridors
  • Water usage –shower heads changed to high efficiency heads [12 lts per minute reduced to 6 lts per minute and no difference in the shower experience .
  • Toilets …Flush reduced from 20 lts per flush to 8
  • Taps ….soft water heads reducing flow by 50 % and sensors to prevent running if not in bathroom.
  • Insulation of walls, ceiling, windows will be examined at and improved if necessary and practical .

Most importantly all of this is achieved without lessening the guest experience!

Environmentally Sustainable Products

Along with energy savings we can further enhance a hotels Green Credentials by using products in the Fit- Out that do not harm the environment . While there is a small cost associated with this process it is often more than offset by the green Credentials gained .

Building materials typically considered to be ‘green’ include rapidly renewable plant materials like bamboo (because bamboo grows quickly) timber from forests certified to be sustainable , recycled stone, recycled metal, and other products that are non-toxic, reusable, renewable, and/or recyclable sheep wool insulation, panels made from paper flakes, , flax linen, sisal, wood fibre boards free from Formaldehyde . Ideally ]Building materials should be extracted and manufactured locally to the building site to minimize the energy embedded in their transportation. Where possible, building elements should be manufactured off-site and delivered to site, to maximise benefits of off-site manufacture including minimising waste, maximising recycling (because manufacture is in one location), high quality elements, better OHS management, less noise and dust.

The following are a list of the products we consider:

  • Carpet from re-cycled products
  • Water based [nonVOC ] Paints using natural pigments for walls
  • Furniture from Sustainable Forests and [ With non VOC paints ]
  • Linen and Flax fabrics
  • Wall paper Vinyl mGreen Guard Certified for low-emission
  • Case goods CARB compliant .