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14 reasons why you should Use Bedroom Solutions!

The Battle For Bookings

Good design and an improved guest experience will keep customers returning ! We take your success seriously, so our designs are always supervised by highly experienced hospitality operators and marketers who contribute perspectives other designers don’t have, and assure that your unique project will reflect your preferences , your goals, and most importantly your ability to attract and keep guests .

More Sources… Better PRICES

Most Turn key Specialists work regularly with fewer than 100 seller companies. Bedroom Solutions , on the other hand, routinely seek Quotations from more than 500 vendors worldwide. The benefits to you are far more choices and much better pricing.

Full Time Professional Purchasing Agents

Bedroom Solutions are one of very few dealers who place professional purchasing agents at your disposal. Our buyers know furniture manufacturing from the inside out and negotiate hard with vendors and manufacturers to get the best possible prices, delivery positions, product specifications and warranties for YOU.

Logistics Management

Logistics is the missing link in most FF&E transactions. When products arrive late and warranties aren’t managed or honored, YOU LOSE! Logistics management is a vital service that we provide.

Expensive Products V Cheap products explained!

Bedroom Solutions have access to a complete range of suppliers – from the least expensive promotional furniture to the highest priced, highest end specialties. They all have their place but, until now, it’s been difficult for end users to determine differences. We know our products from the inside out and can explain why products are priced differently and what those differences mean to you. Call us any time for advice without bias, exaggeration or sales pressure.
In projects with quantity needs Bedroom Solutions custom options are often no more expensive than our competitors’ standard products!

Cheaper and Safer Than Buying it your self !

There are serious risks in buying products that you are not used to purchasing on a regular basis.

  • They see you coming and raise the prices aware that this is not a field you are experienced in.
  • The company that you are buying from are often not the company manufacturing the goods so you pay more.
  • They pass off inferior products to you as you will not be purchasing on a regular basis.
  • Many companies do not make goods to hotel standards however try to sell them as ‘Hotel Quality’ and they breakdown quickly.
  • Companies will take your deposit and not send the Goods
  • Products delivered are not the same as the sample supplied.
  • Product may not be suitable for the country it is being sent to [different regulations etc.]
  • Finally the products may take far longer than the estimated production and shipping time to arrive .

The Designs you need at the Prices you Want.

Bedroom Solutions have Designer bedroom options at off the shelf prices!
We value engineer Designer proposals to ensure that designer look doesn’t cost a fortune.
By buying right and our low overheads we can the look you want for less!

Exceptional Capabilities

Every week we design unique and compelling rooms, lobbies, lighting, conference facilities, custom carpet and custom furniture, but our experience runs far deeper. We have also designed high end residences,  fine dining and fast food facilities, office lobbies, total building re-configurations. Put our experience to work and add more dimension, style and innovation to your project.


Bedroom Solutions Staff are some of the most experienced in the business and have a combined experience of over 100 years of Hotel and hospitality fitouts. We have skilled staff in the fields of Project Management, Q Surveying, Logistics, In Room  Technology  and Purchasing to ensure that we manage your projects properly !
Bedroom Solutions designers are among the best in the industry. All work in their own Firms and specialise in Hotels, however they work for us on a regular basis at discounted rates .


As our company has very small overheads we are in a position to offer our services at very compeditive rates . We buy directly on your behalf and have no ties to any manufacturers ,and accept no ‘Kick backs in return for orders’. You are employing our professional services to look after your project on your behalf. Our product knowledge along with experienced buyers and Logistics management will save you thousands of pounds over the lifespan of the fit-out.
We provide A Specialist Design service at a cost of between 1% and 2% of the project cost should you require it [alternatively we will work with your choice of designer] We also have access to Internationally Renowned Designers at competitive rates if required.


Bedroom Solutions will refund up to 100% of your design fees if you later contract us to manage your fit-out .
[We charge a nominal fee for the production of a sample room and will refund this later if appointed]

Energy Savings

Bedroom Solutions will ensure that the running cost of your bedroom or public area is cut by between 20% and 40% as part of the re-fit process. [see Eco section.] You will Reduce your CRC taxes, and can avail of interest free loans to install energy saving equipment ![ we will apply on your behalf ]

Stress Removal

We believe that the role of a hotelier is to operate a hotel not to manage a process that he/or she has little knowledge or experience.
Likewise I do not believe Bedroom Solutions could operate your hotel efficiently for you!
Let us do what we specialise in; and let hotel operators run hotels and not loose sleep, hair and money trying to manage a process that he is not familiar with .

No Risk to Hotel

As Bedroom Solutions is only paid in stages as a project is complete there is no risk to the Hotel of non-performance .

Whether you want ; a turnkey fitout solution; hotel Bedroom Furniture ; or just advice on your project feel free to contact us .

Tel  0044 20 7873 2211